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Planet KKND 2
The definitive KKND 2 Krossfire site

Game Demos

You can try out several missions from each of the Krush Kill and Destroy series.

KKND 2 Krossfire

Download Description Released Size
KKND 2 Krossfire Demo Play the complete demo for KKND 2 Krossfire 18/05/1998 15.0MB
KKND 2 Survivors Demo Challenging introduction to the game 18/05/1998 10.5MB
KKND 2 Evolved Demo Mutants mayhem lets you get krushin’ in this KKND 2 demo 18/05/1998 10.1MB
KKND 2 Evolved Demo (German) German mutant demo including full-motion video and music 11/06/1998 58.0MB
KKND 2 Series 9 Demo Urban unrest will caused by these angry robots 13/05/1998 10.4MB
KKND 2 Series 9 Beta Demo An early Robot demo featuring full-motion video and promo music 08/04/1998 75.6MB
KKND 2 Krossfire Beta Demo Three missions in an early stage of Krossfire’s development 20/02/1998 90.9MB
KKND 2 Kollateral Damage (Demo Build #145) One survivors mission before the game was even named Krossfire.
This demo is very unstable and might require Windows 98 or older.
24/11/1997 31.3MB

KKnD and KKnD Xtreme

Download Description Released Size
KKND Xtreme CD-ROM Demo A special KKND Xtreme demo released only on magazine cover discs 22/08/1997 52.7MB
KKND Xtreme Demo Continue where the first war left off, but with more violence 21/08/1997 7.4MB
KKND Survivors Demo (German) Fight against the mutants in this German demo 28/01/1997 5.9MB
KKND Evolved Demo (German) German mutant mission demo of the original KKND 28/01/1997 5.9MB
KKND CD-ROM Demo Play two missions in this exclusive demo 23/01/1997 52.8MB
KKND Survivors Demo Original KKND Real-time strategy game battling against the mutants 24/01/1997 5.6MB
KKND Evolved Demo The Evolved fight against the Survivors in this first game 24/01/1997 5.7MB
KKND early Evolved CD-ROM Demo The extremely rare CD-ROM version of the early demo, featuring FMV, music and sounds. 01/11/1996 29.6MB
KKND early Evolved Demo The first Evolved demo of KKnD, more than 4 months before the game was released. 01/11/1996 5.7MB

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