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This is focused on multiplayer game support. If you need help with missions or general advice, please check elsewhere in the site.

Setting up a Multiplayer TCP/IP KKND 2 Game

1. If you are hosting: type cmd /k ipconfig in run menu (Windows Key + R) to find out your current IP address to email to other players. Ensure you are connected to the internet. Your current IP address is: How to obtain your IP address details
2. Run KKND2 Krossfire and select Multiplayer Game at the main menu Select Multiplayer Game
3. Type your Gaming Name, then type [Enter] Type your Gaming Name
4. Select TCP/IP Select TCP/IP
5. Click Host or Join, as arranged. This is the final step, if hosting. Click Join
6. If you are joining the game you will need to type in Hosts IP address in TCP/IP Address box, then type [Enter] Type the IP Address of the Host
7. Select Host's gaming name Select the Host's gaming name from the menu
8. Click Connect to finish the process Start the TCP/IP game

Please send us an improved version if you wish - we’re open to suggestions here.

Setting upyour firewall/router for a secure TCP/IP KKND 2 Game

1. Log into your firewall or router control panel (usually at: and select Services or Port Forwarding. Screens shown are from a Netgear FR114P firewall/router. Add your Custom Service.

Firewall Setup 1
2. Enter KKND 2 as the service name, TCP as the type and the port number 47624 as start and finish port.

Firewall Setup 2
3. Your services should have your new service listed.

Firewall Setup 3
4. Now, go to your rules and add a new inbound service.

Firewall Setup 4
5. Select your new service under the drop down menu and allow all connections (you may also schedule this if you wish). Enter your network computer IP address, to find this, use the command cmd /k ipconfig in the Run menu. Under the WAN user area, enter the exact IP address of your multiplayer opponents or team mates. This may be a static or dynamic IP address, contact them for details on this. If you are connecting to a PC on another network behind a firewall, they should perform a similar setup. Click Apply when done.

Firewall Setup 5
6. Your rules screen should look something as follows. You are ready to play!

Firewall Setup 6

My IP Address

If you want to play using TCP/IP, you will need to know your WAN IP Address - the number given to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) when you connect to the internet. Currently, your IP Address is: .

Version error when joining a TCP/IP game

This error occurs when you are joining a game after clicking connect. You can resolve this problem by downloading the KKND2 English Patch (450KB) . Make sure you backup KKND2.exe before installing the patch, incase the patched version does not work. Recent versions of the KKND2 Krossfire should not need patching at all. Do NOT use this patch if you own the British version of KKND 2 as this will crash the game entirely.

Noone can join the hosted TCP/IP game

Similar to the previous problem, this also occurs when you are hosting a game without a patched version of KKND2 Krossfire. Go to the download section and download the KKND2 patch for your language or click here for the English version. Make sure you backup KKND2.exe before installing the patch, as a precaution if the patched version does not work. Do NOT use this patch if you own the British version of KKND 2 as this will crash the game entirely.

Failture to connect to TCP/IP game

Have you connected to the internet and typed the hosts IP address correctly in the TCP/IP Address box? If you are sure you have not made a typo, email or ICQ your host. It is quite common for either you or the host to make a typing error whilst copying out the IP address.

Noone joins the TCP/IP game

Have you remembered to tell anyone about the game by email or ICQ? Copying out your IP address from the Windows IP Configuration program (winipcfg.exe) is prone to mistakes, recheck what you have sent to the other players. A common problem is when you have a dynamic IP address, this means that everytime you connect to the internet the ISP assigns you a new IP address. You must find your current IP address, contact other players and play the game without disconnecting once. If you use a firewall, please allow incoming connections from other users. KKND 2 uses port: 47624, so if you use a firewall add a new "KKND 2" service, then allow the IP address of your opponents in the "Rules" or "Port Forwarding" area of your firewall control panel.

Dynamic IP addresses

If you have a dynamic IP address, the ISP assigns you a new IP address everytime you connect to the internet. You must find your current IP address, contact other players and play the KKND2 Krossfire game without disconnecting once. This also applies for other TCP/IP gaming.

Patch causes KKND2 Krossfire to crash

It is vital when patching early versions of the game, you backup KKND2.exe, otherwise you will have to reinstall the whole game again if the patch doesn't work. If you have made a backup, overwrite the patched KKND2.exe with the original program and delete dsetup.dll. The patch doesn't work with my version of the game, and is the reason why I can't play anyone using TCP/IP. I have already contacted the KKND2 site about the problem, but they haven't given any good answers yet. If anyone finds an answer to this, I want to hear from you!

Slow game play

You can improve the speed and quality of gameplay by closing other programs outside of the game. To do this just type [Alt]+[Tab] and the KKND2 Krossfire game will minimise, enabling you to close other applications. You can also request other players do the same, click the Chat/Global Chat button near the bottom of the side menu to speak to other players. Remember the game will run at the slowest connection speed, the more players in the game the lower this is likely to be.

If you have any comments to add to this page or see a mistake anywhere, please feel free to contact us.