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Water World - Nahoo

Water World
Move your forces across a hostile area to recover oil and resources behind enemy lines or face a watery grave.
Islands covered in Survivors and Evolved units and AA towers
Early scurmishes and later, major air and water based offensives
Limited resources and space so careful planning essential
Disused base to repair and expand upon behind enemy territory
Larger building zone to build up a reasonable offensive attack
Skill required throughout to avoid being overwhelmed by a ruthless enemy.

Download Water World (840KB)
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XTREME! Treble Trouble - Nahoo

Trash the Evolved and Series 9 camps and destroy their armies. Their armies are strong, but nothing can stop you now!
Loadsa fighting, with severe enemy forces to reckon with!
Realistic Scenery, containing stagnant pools and old ruins.
Tried and tested to keep you busy throughout the mission
Evolved (orange) and Series 9 (turquoise) as your enemies
Tactical points and cliffs, strike your enemy's power supplies
Enough room to build a massive base

Download Treble Trouble (710KB)
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Camp Inspection - Nahoo

Attempts, the enemies, have been made to weaken and wipe clean a small, but strong Series 9 camp. Punish their insolence destroying their camps.
Opponents include two Survivor and one Evolved army.
Secondary AI base to help you krush the enemy
Strategic points throughout map. Areas where both you and the enemy are vulnerable.
Alternative attack options and enemy aerial offensive
Oil points to fight over and burn
Continual pressure from enemy camps throughout the game

Download Camp Inspection (740KB)
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Oil Hunt - Nahoo

Oil Hunt
Guide your precious Mobile Derrick through enemy territory and deploy on a large oil reserve in an abandoned base.
Survivor flesh to disassemble throughout your journey
Enemy units will chase you along your trail if you are not Meticulous.
Skill needed to plot a safe (or less dangerous) route, through ground and air fire.
Areas where certain units can and others cannot, with full usage of infantry and machines.
Reinforcements to keep you going through the initially demanding phase of the mission
Adequate supply of oil to grow an army nearly large enough to match the Survivors.
Download Oil Hunt (725KB)
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Base Mesa - KKNDMaster

Base Mesa
Guide a fellow commander to a landing pad. Then use the landing pad to take the commander to a fortified but poorly equipped base and then wipe out all of the evolved in the sector. Also the commander must survive!
Fight with your wits against evolved brute force.
Possess a well-fortified base on top of a mesa.
You don't get too much money but for a true commander it should be enough.
Smart AI to keep you on your guard at all times.
Secrets on the map that can give you a tactical advantage over the Evolved.
No tech bunkers so that this would be a test of skill rather than a test of bunker unit use.
Download Base Mesa (560KB)
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More Custom Missions

Mountain Assault

Size: 168KB

Author: KKNDMaster

Kill 'em Good

Size: 504KB

Author: BennyBarrageCraft

Kill 'em Good

The Grassland

Size: 99KB

Author: KKNDMaster

Resource Error

Size: 289KB

Author: KKNDMaster

Road Block

Size: 429KB

Author: BennyBarrageCraft

Oil Race

Size: 279KB

Author: BennyBarrageCraft

The Promised Land

Size: 422KB

Author: KKNDMaster

The Promised Land

Aztec Fire

Size: 763KB

Author: BennyBarrageCraft

Kill All Mutants

Size: 85KB

Author: DragoNuno

The Night of the Mutants

Size: 90KB

Author: DragoNuno


Size: 83KB

Author: DragoNuno


Official Single Player Missions

Map 01: The Gemini XII

UFO vs Everyone
While making the original 51 missions the UFO just didn't fit in, it was way too powerful. If it snuck into a level it would just define how the mission was played, so no mission ended up having one. Pity though it is such a funky unit and the animations are great. This mission is fairly easy on slow. Try it on fast, it only takes about a minute and a half!
Medium Resistance
Download Mission - 247K

Map 02: Over The River

Survivors vs Series 9

It is a fairly simple mission: save base, rebuild and smite the bad guys. Only having beaches next to the river means amphibious units can be properly used. Rebuilding from a shattered base is a good idea too, as the player does not have to go through the tedious part of the building routine and can get to the combat stage faster.
Light Resistance
Download Mission - 492K

Map 03: Army Group South

Evolved vs Series 9
You get to control a HUGE Evolved army from the start. All you have to do is destroy the robots armoury. Very fast and lots of explosions.
Medium Resistance
Download Mission - 625K

Map 04: Renegade Robots

Survivors vs Series 9 & Evolved
Some high tech robots have got scrambled and gone rogue. If you can find them your fragile base just might be able to survive. This mission is reasonably hard and needed some serious softening from the original.
Heavy Resistance
Download Mission - 548K

Map 05: Ring of Fire

Survivors vs Series 9
This is an assault on a heavily fortified robotic research facility. With no real production on either side, the survivors sizeable attacking army needs to be carefully used and placed. This mission will not be to everyone's taste but it does demonstrate some interesting facets of the game. Try not to use the save game too much.
Medium Resistance
Download Mission - 762K

Map 51: Flaming Rings!

Survivors vs Series 9
This is the hard and nasty version of ring of fire. Precision and an active save game are likely to be needed. This is a very dry level, but valid in its own slow way. Flashy players should skip this one.
Heavy Resistance
Download Mission - 761K

Map 06: Getting Back and Getting Even

Survivors vs Evolved
The Survivors base in this area has been overrun and captured by the Evolved. The Survivor player starts with a rescue force in the top left. Free the prisoners, recover the captured base and hold out till you can teach the bad guys a lesson. Good traditional stuff.
Medium Resistance
Download Mission - 980K

Map 08: PACMAN

Evolved vs Reality
It is not perfect, but it is fun for about ten minutes though. Nail the guy on the extreme left last. Glenn's really proud of this one.
Squishy Resistance
Download Mission - 98K

Map 10: The Nest

Evolved vs Series 9
The Series 9 has found a wild queen scorpion and intend to kill her. The evolved have raced a brood of scorpions to the area. Find and protect the queen, then take out the robot base with her children.
Light Resistance
Download Mission - 590K

Map 12: Airborne Robotic Assault Squad

Evolved vs Series 9
The Sereies 9 have done some long distance forecasting and found that the mutants in this island chain will become very troublesome in the near future. Currently they are very disorganised but one tribe will soon unit them under a banner of "scourge". Find and destroy the source with the prototype dropship and a small group of red guard microunits. An earlier more traditional Series 9 force failed, but elements may have survived.
Medium Resistance
Download Mission - 821K

Map 13: Perfect General

Survivors vs Evolved
This level is designed to be too hard. If you can finish it without cheating drop us a line and we might try to make it harder. This is for the people that think the final against mutants is too easy and quick, both of you. Hey, that final can be done in 56 minutes game time (no losses)? Far too easy.
Download Mission - 478K

Official Multiplayer Maps

The maps provided with the game look fantastic. Unfortunately this can mean that they get a little bit too cluttered and full. Higher ground can make attacking a very painful proposal causing slow defensive games. With infinite oil the game can grind to a standstill on some maps. Simple maps allows the computer to run slightly faster as well. These maps are a response.

Multiplayer Map 01

A very large and empty desert level, very loosely based on Multi-2. Sometimes all you want is the final Frontier.
Download Map - 358K

Multiplayer Map 02

A very large and open green level. Based on the most defensive level in the game (Multi-7), but without the defences.
Download Map - 496K

Multiplayer Map 03

Based on Glenn's favourite team level (Multi-6). Try playing 4 a side.
Download Map - 548K

Multiplayer Map 04

Based on a closed and cluttered city map (multi-10), this is a much more open level. All starting positions have more oil and accessibility.
Download Map - 874K


Official Single Player Map 02: Over The River
Based on a design submission by GigxKill.

Official Single Player Map 04: Renegade Robots
Based on a very detailed design submitted by Martin Avegno.

Official Single Player Map 05: Ring of Fire
Loosely based on a design submitted by Jin-Long Lee.

Official Single Player Map 06: Getting Back and Getting Even
Based on a mission submitted by Ted Gibson.

Official Single Player Map 10: The Nest
Based on a design submission by Ryan Coll.

Official Single Player Map 01: The Gemini XII
Official Single Player Map 03: Army Group South
Official Single Player Map 051: Flaming Rings!
Official Single Player Map 08: PACMAN
Official Single Player Map 12: Airborne Robotic Assault Squad
Official Single Player Map 13: Perfect General
Designed by Glenn Shanley

All missions implemented by Glenn.

Missions 1 through 4 tested by Stephen Mann and Shane Collier
Missions 5-12 tested by Shane Collier