Planet KKND 2
The definitive KKND 2 Krossfire site
1. How many years have passed since the nuclear strike?
60 years
100 years
140 years
2. How is it that this series of crazy robots survived?
Working in underground prisons safe from the fall-out
Seeding the crops for the lazy humans far from towns
The guys who nuked everyone in the first place
3. Which unit is not found in KKND2?
Spore Missile
Lightning Conductor
4. Which unit cannot self-repair?
Constructible with Repair
5. How can you open a Tech Bunker?
With a Mekanik
Heavy fire from a Barriage Craft
Just move units in the same area
6. Which unit cannot pass through woodland?
Scourge Demon
Laser Rifleman
7. What Tech Level is needed to build The Enforcer?
Tech Level 3
Tech Level 4
Tech Level 5
8. Which single unit is the best at destroying buildings?
Spirit Archer
9. Enemy bases in the final against the Evolved?
There are 2 bases
There are 3 bases
There are 4 bases
10. Which army's foot units are strongest?
Series 9
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