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Game inspired literature


Written by KKNDMaster

So there we were. Striding along in the desert without a care in the world seemingly. A barrage craft was humming along as we kept walking towards an ancient military desert base. Why we were going to that military base, none of the regiment knew. Although if we knew what awaited us later that day than we would have turned arou So there we were. Striding along in the desert without a care in the world seemingly. A barrage craft was humming along as we kept walking towards an ancient military desert base. Why we were going to that military base, none of the regiment knew. Although if we knew what awaited us later that day than we would have turned around and not even move one inch closer. But we didn’t and that was just the sad part..

2 more hours the whole regiment kept moving. “You know you can take that helmet off for the moment if you want to Aaron.” Briggs said. Maybe I should introduce to you the soldiers in the regiment that I knew. First of all I am Aaron and my bloodline tracks back to a great sniper in the first surface war. Following in the footsteps of my grand father I am a laser rifleman. Briggs is the leader of the squad and he is a grenadier. He has led this regiment through 4 extremely successful (and thankfully mostly casualty-free battles). And his chest glistened with the medal of victory, a human hand punching out of the ground, the mark of the survivor army. Also there was Harlan, an old veteran. He was considered amongst the troops that knew him as “the king of boom”. Mainly since he was a barrage craft pilot. Also Victor was another laser rifleman who was escorting a technician who was assigned to the regiment for unknown reasons. I didn’t know anyone else but them. There were others in the regiment including 2 other barrage crafts, a juggernaut, 5 other laser riflemen, 10 grenadiers, and an anti-aircraft constructible.

The regiment kept moving and the only sounds were the steps of boots on the desert sand, and the humming of the vehicles. I put my helmet back on and then we went over a hill and there it was. An ancient military base that was surprisingly intact after the great nuclear war. Although to our dismay we saw 2 war mastodons scouting the perimeter of the ancient base. Obviously we were not alone here. Then all of a sudden a spirit archer jumped out from behind a cactus. It was too late because it blasted a grenadier. As the grenadier that was standing next to him retched at the site of the soldier’s guts getting blown out of it’s stomach, I and the other laser riflemen immediately opened fire upon the mutant and blew it to pieces!

“Damn we alerted the other freaks,” Briggs cursed. As he took a grenade from his belt and flung it at another upcoming mutant. The mutant screamed in agony, as it knew that it’s life was quickly cut short.

The bloodshed has immediately got the attention of the vehicles as barrage crafts began to torture the mutant forces with missiles. Then the juggernaut started raining missiles and bullets onto the retreating mutants. Some of the grenadiers quickly crouched down and covered their ears because of the loudness of the gunfire. Unfortunately the remaining mutants retreated deeper into the military base.

“Follow those freakers!” barked Briggs. And all the soldiers and vehicle personnel obeyed.

We kept on moving deeper into the base letting hell blow onto any unlucky mutant nearby. Then like a holy oasis in the middle of the greatest deserts in hell there it was. A technology containment bunker! Obviously that was the objective of this mission. “There is what we have came for,” Briggs explained,“ H.Q. Believes that in that bunker over there is a great weapon that will be capable of winning this war for us. Well what are you waiting for technician? Open it up!”

The technician ran towards the bunker with Victor following. Then the whole regiment moved closer to the bunker to make sure that nobody would attack the technician. Then a few minutes later the technician popped up a little panel at the side of the bunker, typed in something then the bunker came to life. The bunker surface part popped out of the top like a cap off a bottle. Then an elevator came up exposing a saucer-like vehicle. Some of the soldiers began to cheer in excitement. But the humming of the saucer became louder and then all of a sudden a beam of light turned what was once a juggernaut into a pile of burning metal. Then all of a sudden the flying saucer hovered over Victor, and Victor was enveloped into a line of transparent light. He quickly levitated into the saucer.

All he could see inside was white. It was as if he was blind but with light. Then the light died down a little bit and he looked around. And he saw that the saucer was much bigger than it was from the outside. Then white slightly transparent objects started appearing everywhere around him. He knew that they had ideas for him. So Victor took his lasgun and started blasting them. They burst into flames as lasers cut through them.

Then all of a sudden there was an implosion from the saucer and it slowly crashed down. Before the saucer hit the ground, victor jumped out as the saucer exploded behind him.

“What did those aliens expect me to do?” Victor said. “Nicely lie down on their frickin table, well I simply blew them a few holes. Then all of a sudden the damn thing started crashing”

As Victor was gloriously telling his story, a war mastodon came from around a corner and then shot an arrow, which jutted cruelly out of his stomach like a stake. Harlan blew missiles at the war mastodon and it blew away its trunk and it’s front legs. The creature collapsed, bellowed, and died. Although even though Victor wore a helmet and a mask I could tell that he was staring accusingly at me. And I vowed to myself silently that I would not rest until all of the mutants and series 9 robots would be gone from existence. I suspect that the others did the same.

My document for a kknd 3 (it is a work in progress right now but I think that it is pretty good though)

KKND 3: back with a vengeance

Written by George Tazberik


I am writing this as a brainstorm for the sequel of KKND 2. Yes I know what you are thinking. That the real time strategy business has brought nothing but problems for your company. I am aware of that concern. But I think that you may find this to be quite a creative bit of information, which shows some features that have never even been shown to the RTS market. You might even think it as potentially innovative.

The Plot:

Survivors: The second surface war was a real mess. Casualties everywhere, resource stockpiles slim, troop morale low, and even radiation was causing quite a few problems as well. But this time the survivor government had a plan. They had built 50 enormous spaceships that would take the remainder of the survivor army into space and away from earth. Under orders from all commanders the armies were pulled into the spaceships and they launched away from the hellhole named earth. It took a painful 6 months but the spacecraft reached mars, the 2nd most habitable planet in the solar system. The survivor government setup makeshift underground colonies on mars. Although as the drilling went deeper for more underground space on mars.

Drillers found oil and metals and other resources! These amazing and unexpected discoveries made the survivor government have new plans! Drilling progressed and the scientific minds went over new ideas for weapons and other devices to give them the edge on their return to earth. One such idea was an enormous space station named vengeance 1. Vengeance 1 would be the command post for the survivor military effort. The space station would deploy drop ships, which would quickly send them to the desired locations on earth. So the survivors started re-building their armies and redesigning technology. After 45 years they have finally made all of the armies they needed. They went into vengeance 1 and launched for earth. Vengeance 1 used ion thruster technology and this time they made the trip much faster back to earth.

Now they were looking over the blue green planet. Thinking how they were going to attack and win. This time it was going to end with all of the surface wars. The survivors were going to take back what is rightfully theirs. The dropships exited vengeance 1 and were heading for earth. In a few minutes they landed. The survivor army touched ground again on September 11, 2224. The soldiers saw a planet in front of them and they just wondered how command plans to take back this planet.

Evolved: Everything seemed hopeless for them, the survivors went into the skies with their giant flying ship and the series 9 with the survivors gone were more determined then ever to exterminate their remaining enemy. So the evolved fled into the deepest hottest desert. The evolved thought that they have lost all hope. Though one day the high chieftain (who was still alive) got a message from the scourge. They claimed that they should look for the ancient symmetric bunkers and use their technology to wipe out the soulless ones and the symmetrics.

They found some bunkers lying around and the evolved set up their great camp again and they started editing the genetics of their beasts. They kept on cloning and re-cloning beasts and other things. They have also made some pretty complex technology. But the series 9 found them 20 years into time and they had a short-lived war where they all ran back to where they came from to lick their wounds and the like. Although most technology on the evolved’s part was destroyed. Then the high chieftain got a message from the scourge, that all of the evolved should go to the Sahara desert until they find 2 lakes. So the evolved went. Many evolved perished on the way. But they managed to have gotten to the 2 lakes in the Sahara. One lake was full of freshwater; the other was not regular water, but water that would be known as the water of spirits.

The ones who drank from the water of spirits would either die a few hours later. Or they would experience mental enhancements and psionic abilities. So the evolved population grew. And the high chieftain got a message from the scourge to make a magnificent altar of the scourge over the lake of spirits. So they built the altar and it had energy running through it. The scourge promised the evolved that when they would be housed in the altar of the scourge which sat over the lake of spirits. They would turn the world into something they called. “a world of no life and flesh” The evolved believed this to be the ability to get turned into scourge entities themselves. So 45 years after the second surface war they glimpsed the symmetrics coming back in their space ships, so the evolved knew that now was the time of the final test.

Series 9: The Series 9 were obviously over-confident because once the evolved fled into the desert and the survivors went into space, they thought that they had won earth over. So the Series 9 went back to the farms and turning earth into a non-radioactive place. The CPU and Unit 1 knew that they have not seen the last of the survivors and evolved. Then one day a strange ship landed by one of their farms. Then in the form of video to the CPU they introduced themselves as The Ryoks. They claimed that they have seen the survivors re-building their armies on mars and the evolved re-configuring the DNA of their beasts. So the Series 9 took their arms and attacked the evolved. The battle was short-lived but the Series 9 knew that the humans were simply going to erupt into conflict. Over the period of the small war the Ryoks left.

The CPU and the commander units decided to re-design their technology because they knew that they could not stick to the old tools of war. So they kept re-designing their weapons. Although the regular Series 9 were simply working on the farms without the thought of another major war.

Then one day from a Series 9 telescope they saw an enormous spacecraft approaching. After this news came about some Series 9 broke off from the primary data links and swore themselves loyal to their creators because they though they didn’t stand a chance. Those Series 9 were shot down because they were supposed traitors. Then they saw ships coming from space and landing. Troops ran out of the ships and opened fire onto the series 9 working in the fields. Some series 9 were already fitted with weaponry and they saw the crops burning in the crossfire. It was like 2079 all over again. Now with an increased vengeance they went forward and opened fire.



Machine Gunner: They should be able to have little bayonets on the end of their gun so that they can slit the throats of lighter infantry.

Grenadier: The grenadier shouldn’t be as strong as it is in kknd 2. Maybe it should have the strength of the grenadier in kknd 1. But I think that in kknd 2 it was just too powerful.

ATV: The ATV should have a rapid-fire machine gun like it did in kknd 1. Other than that it should be just the way it is. –300 rus

Barrage Craft: It should have the original fire mode form kknd 2. But also you should be able to research an upgrade for the barrage craft where it would shoot missiles in the way like kknd 1 style. - 1000 rus

Annihilator: A tank, which uses 2 cannons, that shoots out raw plasma. This concept is poorly developed and it lacks accuracy. Its second weapon is 2, 6-missile launchers which will be shot at aircraft with accuracy. Also it has an ability. Jupiter Plasma

Cannon: It compresses plasma energy and then releases it. The plasma energy is extremely powerful and it usually destroys anything in its radius. This weapon requires 200 energy. - 5000 rus

Griffin: A spacecraft, which resembles the fighter craft from ancient earth times. It uses ion booster technology so it can move around pretty fast. It boasts 18 missiles and a dual-rail gun turret. The missiles can get shot at air and ground targets and so can the rail guns. Though once the Griffin shot out all of its missiles it needs to go to a 5 times upgraded repair bay and reload. The modes can be switched on whether to shoot missiles or rail guns. -5000 rus

Dropship: The Dropship is a craft which can hold 30 infantry or likewise. It is extremely large. It takes reinforcements from vengeance 1 and lands them on earth. It is non-buildable

A.M.S.T.U.: It is a small yet heavily armored craft, which picks up Anti matter shells from energy laboratories on earth and takes them into the anti-matter satellite. It is non-buildable A.M.S.T.U.= Anti-Matter Shell Transport Unit.

Airlifter: It should be just like in kknd 2 except instead of those jet engines it should have ion thrusters so that it would look more space age.

MP Mobile Outpost: From a level 6 machine shop you can buy an mp mobile outpost. The Mp mobile outpost may be expensive and slow but when it extracts into an outpost it can be ordered to turn back into a regular Mp Mobile Outpost. If you wish to expand your base and not wanting to buy a lot of mobile outposts you should buy one of these even if they are expensive. –12000 rus


Berzerker: The Berzerker should have a bow and arrow just like in kknd 2 and 1 (a Berzerker without a bow and arrow. That will be the day) But it should be able to fight with a sword when ordered to.

Rioter: The rioter shouldn’t be as powerful as it was in kknd 2. Maybe how it was in kknd 1 would be decent.

Crinoid: When the crinoid will be over deep water it will go under water and it will submerge so much that only its eyes and gun will be above water. This characteristic will make them hard to be hit.

Death Hippo: The death hippo should have a chain gun like the auto cannon tank from kknd 1.

Mega Beetle: It should be able to be built at a level 4 machine shop. The mega beetle will open its wings and start spraying acid onto its target. Though the acid is more effective against infantry then anything else.

Missile Crab: The missile crab should be more powerful then the mega beetle. It will shoot missiles from a 3-barreled missile launcher on its back.

Rail-gun Rex: The rail-gun rex is a perfect example of what that water of spirits stuff can do these days. It has 2 rail guns on each arm. The rail guns will shoot one at a time so the Rail-Gun Rex will be shooting at a constant rate. Also if there comes an aircraft nearby, the rail gun rex will use its telekinetic powers to rip the aircraft apart. Meteor: The rail gun rex also has an ability where it will use its telekinetic powers to take a meteor from space and concentrate it toward its target. Also the meteor will break when it hits the ground and send pieces of rock flying in all directions doing even more damage. Though this ability is very inaccurate. But the rail-gun rex will become more accurate with veteranacy. This ability requires 200 energy. – 5000 rus

Dragon: Even though it is an air unit it moves around relatively slow. It does not really resemble a dragon, but it fights like one. This large flying creature will go over an enemy target and then let all hell fall onto them from a large flamethrower. See that large troop of infantry going towards your base? Make the dragon go over there and turn them into ashes. Also the dragon is capable of being able to stay in one place without landing. And it will only land when it needs to be repaired. It will also use its flamethrower at air targets that go near it. –5000 rus

MP Mobile Clan Hall: Just like the MP mobile outpost. It can extract into a clan hall but also it can turn back into a mobile clan hall as well. See that oil puddle outside your base? Move your Mp mobile clan hall there, then take a mobile derrick onto the puddle and with the help of the MP mobile clan hall build a power station right next to it. –12000 rus

Series 9:

Seeder: The seeder should be just like in kknd 2 but it has a little las knife attached to its weapon so that it can fight better in melee form.

Pod Launcher: The pod launcher should be able to shoot grenades more rapidly than it does in kknd 2.

Sterilizer: Its shot should pack a more powerful punch when it hits. Since for 600 rus it does not do that much damage. Also it should be more effective against vehicles and beasts as well.

Responsebot: The Responsebot would look kind of like a miniature version of that 2-legged thing from star wars. Also instead of a machine gun it should have a laser. The reason I suggest the 2-legged concept is that people expect the Responsebot to be amphibious if it can hover.

Floating Fort (replacement for doom dome): The floating fort should be kind of like a medium sized tank with a double-gunned turret on top. It should also be amphibious. The turret would shoot laser bolts in a kind of rhythm where one gun shoots then the other and the first would shoot and it would shoot rapidly in that form.

Grim Reaper: Instead of a double machine gun turret the grim reaper should have a double rapid-fire laser turret. Just a little thing to make it look more modern.

Vaccinator: The Vaccinator is a giant mech to put it simply. And the scariest thing on 2 legs since the t-rex. It has a large plasma cannon on one arm. It will shoot an extremely powerful laser bolt, which has a nice radius. Though this very powerful weapon has 2 cons unfortunately. The weapon is somewhat inaccurate on an unveteraned Vaccinator, and the weapon reloads slowly. But the damage makes up for it significantly! It also has 2 pop-up auto-cannons and it uses them to blast out aircraft. Artillery bolt: The artillery bolt is a long distance ability. The Vaccinator will send a large piece of plasma energy flying into the air and crashing down on the target, doing explosive (literally) damage! See that turret standing on the cliff. Point it there. Also note that once you make this upgrade it gets another arm installed where the artillery bolt is located. This ability requires 200 energy. –5000 rus

Aerial Cruiser: The aerial cruiser is extremely slow but makes up for it in weapons. The Aerial Cruiser possesses a large chaingun, which shoots 50 mm rounds onto any targets on ground for quite a distance. Also the Aerial Cruiser will shoot missiles at aircraft that go near it. Though since the aerial cruiser is so slow you should probably use it only as a defensive unit. Also it can land on the ground only when ordered to be repaired. See that infantry force by your base move the Aerial Cruiser over there and let the Aerial Cruiser do the dirty work <evil grin>. –5000 rus

MP Mobile Barn: The Mp Mobile Barn basically can do the same functions as the MP Mobile clan Hall and the MP Mobile Outpost. Be careful though it is somewhat tougher than its equivalents but this makes it slower moving. –12000 rus


Constructible bases: The Constructible bases probably could work that there would be the regular small, medium, and large bases. But also there should be an extra large base. And an amphibious small, medium, and large. The extra large base would be around so that you can have the largest turret, but still have room for extras.

By the way I didn’t put a price tag on the turrets since I think you guys should judge how much the constructible turrets would cost in the game.


Vulcan cannon: It is a handy little turret, which nails infantry of all levels. It might be only tech level 1 but you can probably find it powerful against infantry throughout the game.

Flamethrower: A large flamethrower, which you put on a constructible. It would be mostly effective against structures, vehicles, and beasts. Remember the flamethrower ATV from kknd 1?

AALaser: The AA laser is a powerful laser that is designed to work against the likes of aircraft. Although it would not be very rapid so multiple AALasers would be needed to take out a large amount of aircraft?

Nerve Gas: The nerve gas should be a weapon useful at taking out beasts and infantry. It destroys the nervous systems of the unfortunate creatures to be breathing while they are shot with the gas. Though infantry would die almost instantly, beasts would put up more of a fight.

Emp: The Emp is a weapon, which should make quick work of vehicles and series 9 infantry. Emp Shock: The Emp has an ability where it will shoot it at an individual vehicle or robot and it will freeze from anywhere to 30 seconds, and as low as 5 seconds. How long it lasts is a random thing. The ability costs 75 energy.

Acid: Basically a giant turret which sprays extremely corrosive acid onto its targets. It might be short range but it will make extremely quick work of any kind of unit it fights. Also if destroyed globs of acid will go flying everywhere doing some heavy damage to anything that is around it.

Bridge Builder: The bridge builder is a constructible that makes bridges. Bridges should be made on cliffs that are adjacent from each other. One bridge builder has to be on one cliff. And the other bridge builder has to be on the other cliff. Then they can start building the bridge. It should cost 10000 rus to make a bridge. But having your own bridge has its advantages. Because if there is a large attack force moving over your bridge you can order the bridge to self-destruct. Also if your bridge is damaged you can order technicians to fix it.

Mine Layer: The Mine Layer is a constructible, which puts mines underground. It can put out 5 mines before it needs to go to a level 5 repair bay and reload. And when stepped on it will do a powerful yet small explosion that damages (heavily) any units around the mine explosion.


Flak cannon: The Flak cannon to put it in general is kind of like a giant shotgun on a beast. Not really an accurate weapon but if there are some infantry out there well make it shoot at them and it will slice and dice. And make it shoot at a beast or a vehicle and it will have the effect on them like a human getting shot in the stomach with a sawed off.

Disc Gun: The Disc Gun is a large turret, which shoots razor sharp discs. The discs will cut through infantry and they will be flying around everywhere doing damage to everything they hit. But be careful because the discs might come back and hit the disc gun or something else too.

AA Gattling Gun: The AA Gattling Gun is a gun, which pelts aircraft with some heavy bullets. Try to bomb these if you are about to attack a base.

Arrow: The arrow shoots a spirit archer style arrow, which makes quick work of vehicles and beast. Though it lacks accuracy against infantry so if you see a few of these, well take your laser riflemen and take em’ out.

Mind Controller: The mind controller is a large turret with an evolved psychic in it. It will shoot arrows at an infantry so that the infantry will turn into a trance where the mind controller can control it. Best of all the infantry won’t be counted as an enemy unless it fights the side you stole that infantry from. Once an infantry is mind controlled though it is that way till either the mind controller dies, or the infantry dies.

Psychic Lightning Tower: The psychic lightning tower is basically a tower where at the top of the tower is an evolved psychic so powerful it can create lightning to use against its targets! Though this makes them extremely effective they have a slow rate of fire unfortunately.

Bridge Maker: The Bridge Maker simply works in the form that when one Bridge Maker is on one cliff and another Bridge Maker is on a cliff adjacent. Then it can make a bridge. The Advantage of an evolved bridge is that it can have mines placed on it. And mekaniks can also repair it.

Skull Bombs: The Skull Bomb is the evolved’s version of a land mine. The mine unlike the survivor’s mine and the series 9 contaminator will send pieces of shrapnel flying in all directions but will not do any direct damage to the unit that steps on it.

Series 9:

Ultrasonic Gun: The ultrasonic gun is quite an interesting weapon which it does not do any direct damage. It is a weapon designed to be used against evolved and survivor infantry. The strangeness of the weapon is that it sends out a peculiar ultrasonic sound that makes infantry that are hit with it fall to their knees. You can then have some units take out the defenseless infantry. Or if you are mentally ill (like a true series 9 commander unit) you can have the constructible run over the defenseless infantry.

Battering Ram: The battering ram is a melee weapon yet an effective one. It can be used against the big guns as well. It attacks by crashing in and through its target. See that infantry squad heading for your base? Make the battering ram go right through those damn bastards. Or is an annoying wall getting in your way? Have the battering ram simply smash through the wall.

Missile Launcher: The missile launcher unlike its AA Gattling Gun and AA Laser counterparts is a weapon that can hit air as well as ground. It will shoot 4 missiles at once before it needs a brief reloading period. Look at it as kind of like a barrage craft turret that can also shoot aircraft.

Plasma: The Plasma weapon is not very effective against anything besides structures. And it is extremely inaccurate; though if you see some turrets that are getting in your way, well send in plasma.

Vulcan Blaster: The Vulcan plaster is a very powerful weapon, which shoots at a rate of 8 25 mm rounds per second. This kind of speed makes it extremely effective. And since it is a bullet weapon it is effective against infantry. But against the really heavy vehicles it is not that much of a saint. Although if you are sending out a force of vaccinators well maybe have a few Vulcan blaster here or there.

Absorber: The absorber generates a shield around the constructible and itself. The shield protects the constructible from energy weapons (i.e. lasers, plasma weapons, rail guns). Although it is a tad bit more complex then that. Lets say a soldier shoots a laser at the Absorber. And it does 20 damage. Well only 10 damage will hit home with the Absorber. The other 10 damage gets put into an energy supply. If the absorber is ordered to it will be changed from shield mode to attack mode. Where the weapon will let out a powerful blast (depending on how much punishment the shield managed to capture) and then it will go back to shield mode until it once more has some energy. But remember it only absorbs energy weapons (missiles, bullets, grenades etc will do full damage). And also remember that the absorber’s gun is only as powerful as the energy that the shield collected. Note: if the absorber collects enough energy then it should be able to let out one hell of a blast!

Support Bridge Maker: The Support Bridge Maker works the same way as its equivalents. Except the series 9 bridge’s special ability is that units can go under the bridge between the pillars. And you might find a great tactical advantage in that.

Ground Contaminator: The Ground Contaminator is a mine that when an enemy unit walks over it. It will release a strange kind of gas that hurts beasts, makes infantry choke, and degrades metal.



Light Defense Autocannon: This turret opens fire onto units that are near it. Like most low tech towers it supplies light firepower and it is somewhat more effective against infantry.

Plasma Tower: It shoots bolts of plasma at unfriendly units. The plasma to make the deal worthwhile has a decent radius. So it is effective against infantry and vehicles.

Seeking Air Missile Launcher (SAML): The seeking air missile is a defense that is underground. It is underground so that it is protected in an armored kind of way. When an enemy air unit comes near the SAML, The SAML will quickly surface and shoot missiles. Though the turreted part of the SAML is very flimsy so keep the SAML guarded when it is fighting.

Anti Matter Tower: Now we are talking heavy. The turret itself is heavy-duty titanium. But the real beauty comes in the gun. The gun will shoot a blast of Anti Matter energy, which wreaks hell onto what it hits. The weapon also packs a powerful radius. Its only problem is that it does not have much of a rapid-fire rate.


Skull breaker: The Skull breaker is a simple turret, which is a large shotgun in a sense. It will shoot out large pieces of shrapnel, which will tear apart infantry and make the armor on a vehicle get scratched. Not much of a weapon, and if you can you should purchase worms instead.

The Worm: The worm is a weapon, which is more or less effective against infantry. But it is much more effective against vehicles then the Skull breaker is. Also the worm will sometimes shoot its acid into the sky depending on how close those enemies are. Unfortunately the primitively concept of a worm projectile is not effective against aircraft.

Bazooka Battery: The Bazooka Battery should shoot 5 missiles at once. Then it should take a moment to reload before letting out another barrage of anti aircraft missiles. But be careful and keep some anti aircraft support by a bazooka battery incase there is a large air attack.

The Touch Of Death: A powerful spirit psychic dwells within each Touch Of Death. When an unfriendly unit walks close enough for the Spirit psychic to “see” it with its mind it will use its powers to let out a deadly barrage of lightning!

Series 9:

Pop-up Gun: The Pop-Up Gun works much the same way as the survivor SAML. When it is not fighting it will go underground and be more protected. But if something gets in range the Pop-up Gun will surface and start attacking it with a chaingun.

Sonic Cannon: The Sonic Cannon works efficiently against both vehicles and infantry. It will shake apart enemies. And the sonic cannon will go through the enemy as well as at it and damage whatever was standing behind it.

AA Rotary Cannon: The AA Rotary Cannon will shoot 35 mm rounds at aircraft that get within range. It is very powerful at taking out multiple aircraft.

Lightning Cannon: The Lightning cannon when it sees an enemy will charge itself up. Then it will release a powerful blast of lightning that does a lot of damage. Also when it is not under attack it charges itself up so that it is ready.

Super Weapons:

Well Super weapons are a rather common concept in the rts market. However, I made a few differences of my own. Firstly, there are no nuclear weapons. Because a nuke in real life would destroy everything on half of a map, at least so that is a very bad idea. Therefore, a nuke alternative is the answer. Also there should be targeting scrambler structures, which protect everything within a radius from Super Weapon fire.


STA Teleportation Sequence: When you build an STA it will start charging up. For every STA it will be able to charge up 10 times. Therefore, it can hold a maximum of 10. The charging is free though. Then you can teleport any unit from point a to point b. In addition, not just your own unit though, you could do something like take an enemy tanker and teleport it to one of your minefields. In addition, the unit gets a bit damaged in the teleporting though.

Anti-Matter Cannon: When you build an energy factory you can make anti matter shells which then are transported into vengeance 1 and are loaded into the Anti-Matter Cannon. The Anti-Matter Cannon in general works simply that anything it hits, it will destroy no matter how powerful it is. Except for some things, which are only unique in the campaign because they are so large. In addition, when it hits large balls of energy go flying from the target and doing damage to anything around. The smaller the target, the increasingly powerful the energy balls will be.


Eye Of Scourge Sweep: If you build an eye of scourge then it will charge up to 10 times. The Eye of Scourge Sweep will uncover everything that is not normally seen. For example if there is a mine field where you deploy the Eye of Scourge Sweep, you will see the entire mine field and you know that you can just force fire on the ground and blow them to pieces. In addition, it will see things like invisible units and infantry hiding in trees and old structures. Therefore, in general you can see everything that you will not normally see.

Scourge Lightning (aka scourge energy): When you build an Altar of The scourge, you can either sacrifice 50 infantry, or pay 5000 rus. That way you will (after a bit of charging) be able to utterly strike a target down with lightning! The lightning will strike multiple areas within a small radius of where a player clicked on the gaming screen. It is designed to be more of a something to take out attack forces rather than destroy bases.

Series 9:

Hammerhead Sequence: After building a Hammerhead factory, the structure will start building Hammerhead missiles free. In addition, it can store up to ten missiles. The Hammerhead Sequence in itself will make all units attack the nearest thing next to it. It only lasts for a very short period of a few seconds but for a few seconds it can turn a disciplined attack force into a bunch of crazy units killing each other.

Seismic Missile: The Seismic Missile is allowed to you to build when you build a Tech Factory. For 5000 rus, you can build one over a bit of time. When you launch it, it will fly over to your target and will go underground and explode. This process creates an artificial earthquake! The earthquake will not harm any mobile units, but structures will suffer greatly. Enough of these things on a base lacking targeting scramblers can destroy a base.



Research lab and Armoury: These structures should work the same way as in kknd 2. For the exception, that the research lab can have unit upgrades for things like armor and speed. While the Armoury has unit upgrades for weapons.

Repair Bay: They work same as in kknd 2. But at tech level 5 they can reload mines in constructibles, reload missiles in griffins, and anything else that needs reloading including bombers.

STA: The STA is required to use the STA Teleportation Sequence.

Outpost: It would generate resources very slowly but would be a last hope if all of your ru producing structures were destroyed and when upgraded would produce resources a little bit faster. Note: this concept works the same for the clan hall and the barn.

Energy Lab: The energy lab allows the user to use the most advanced survivor technology like the annihilator, anti-matter cannon, and the Griffin. In addition, the energy factory produces anti-matter shells, which are then transported to vengeance 1.

Barracks: The Barracks can be used to train infantry up to red level veteran once fully upgraded. However, an infantry cannot be trained higher than that. Some things can be only learned on the battlefield. Note: the veteranacy concept also works for the warrior hall and micro unit factory

Targeting Jammer: Prevents everything within a radius from super weapons of any kind.

Geothermal turbine: The geothermal turbine is an alternative for the solar collector. Since there should be a night and day concept, solar power wouldn’t be very effective now would it? Also the Geothermal turbine functions better on lower terrain.

Geothermal Plant: An alternative for the thermal exchanger. It functions better than a geothermal turbine. Also it works well on any kind of terrain.


Alchemy hall and Forge: These structures should work the same way as in kknd 2. For the exception, that the Alchemy hall can have unit upgrades for things like armor and speed. While the Forge has unit upgrades for weapons.

Healing Tent: They work same as in kknd 2. But at tech level 5 they can reload mines in constructibles, and anything else that needs reloading.

Eye Of Scourge: The Eye of Scourge is required for the Eye of Scourge Sweep.

The Altar Of the Scourge: The Altar of the scourge allows the user to build the best of what the evolved empire has to offer. The Rail-gun rex, dragons, and Scourge Energy. Also, Scourge Energy is charged in this structure.

Warrior hall: The Warrior Hall can be used to train infantry up to red level veteran. However, it cannot be trained higher than that. Some things can be only learned on the battlefield.

Weapon Blinder: Protects everything within a radius from super weapons.

Series 9:

Technostudy and Weapon Control: These structures should work the same way as in kknd 2. For the exception, that the Technostudy can have unit upgrades for things like armor and speed. While the Weapon Control has unit upgrades for weapons.

Maintenance Depot: They work same as in kknd 2. However, at tech level five they can reload mines in constructibles, and anything else that needs reloading.

Hammerhead Factory: It is needed to use the Hammerhead Sequence.

Tech Factory: It allows the user to use the advanced technology of the series 9 army, Vaccinator, Aerial Cruiser, and the seismic missile. Also it works as missile silo for Seismic Missiles.

Microunit Factory: The Microunit Factory can be used to train infantry up to red level veteran. However, it cannot be trained higher than that. Some things can be only learned on the battlefield.

Targeting Scrambler: Prevents super weapons from firing within their radius.


Survivors: Microcapsule Walls: These walls will automatically heal themselves (slowly) when damaged. Unfortunately, if their health is lower than 25 percent then the microcapsules will not be functional and you will need to replace the wall. Nevertheless, those walls are sturdier than regular walls.

Evolved: Tree Wall: The tree wall works as simply that they plant a tree. Then they inject it with some spirit water and it grows like crazy. Then they plant another tree and do the same. Then branches start growing to each other tree. So therefore, the branches grow increasingly stronger with time. You can build tree walls only a certain length from each other in order for them to start growing branches to each other.

Series 9: High Wall: The High wall works as simply that it is a tall wall. It also is much stronger then a regular wall. Only turrets, artillery, and some other highflying projectiles can go over a High Wall.


Notes: Some structures are capable of upgrading stats for units. But you can only apply upgrades to units, which haven’t been built yet. Units, which are already built, cannot be improved by an upgrade. Also a level 6 repair structure can install upgrades which have been bought onto units that have been already built.


Research Lab: Low tech armor upgrade: Will upgrade the armor on vehicles tech level 2 and lower. This upgrade can be purchased three times.

Medium tech armor upgrade: Will upgrade the armor on vehicles tech level 3 and 4. This upgrade can be purchased three times.

High tech armor upgrade: Will upgrade the armor on vehicles tech level 5 and above. This upgrade can be purchased three times.

Petro-Chemical Engine: It makes the anaconda tank, Enforcer, Juggernaught, And annihilator move faster.

Zelnon Ion Thrusters: Increases the speed for the Griffin and Barrage Craft.

Osprey engines: Makes the airlifter engines smaller so that there would be more storage capacity on the airlifter.

Infiltrator stealth engine: A dirt bike becomes invisible whenever it is standing still or moving. If it attacks then it's cover is blown.

Armoury: Low tech weapons upgrade: Increases the power of vehicle weapons tech level 2 and lower.

Medium tech weapons upgrade: Increases the power of vehicle weapons tech level 3 and 4.

High tech weapons upgrade: Increases the power of vehicle weapons tech level 5 and up.

Smart fire missile: Increases missile accuracy for the Juggernaught.

Ion Missile: The Barrage craft missiles will move faster.

Shark AA missile: Will increase the distance for the annihilator’s anti-aircraft missile launcher.

Rain Missile Mode: Creates the option so that the player can choose to have a barrage craft shoot kknd 1 style.

Energy Lab: Jupiter Plasma cannon: This upgrade allows the Annihilator to use its powerful ability!

Zenon Reactor: Increases the amount of electricity an Annihilator can have.


Alchemy Hall: Low tech armor upgrade: Will upgrade the armor on vehicles tech level 2 and lower. This upgrade can be purchased three times.

Medium tech armor upgrade: Will upgrade the armor on beasts tech level 3 and 4. This upgrade can be purchased three times.

High tech armor upgrade: Will upgrade the armor on beasts tech level 5 and above. This upgrade can be purchased three times.

Advanced floating turbine: The advanced floating turbine is a little device that is put under the death hippo and the Crinoid, which helps them move faster when they are on water.


Advanced targeting system: increases missile crab accuracy.

Sub races:

Note: The sub races are a characteristic of kknd 3. Where in the game the storyline is bound to have certain races ally and use 2 of the sub races’ units and building. But in multiplayer and soloplay you should be able to select 2 sub races no matter what side you are playing as.

The scourge

Campaign ally: The evolved

Description: The scourge are a race believed to be of an entity origin. They also are believed that when they came in contact with earth they took over all nuclear computers and sent missiles to create the nuke holocaust. They have given permission for the evolved to harness the powers of scourge demons and the scourge energy but they have greater powers. And they will only release those powers to truer allies. They have mysterious purposes and rumor is that once the evolved have destroyed the symmetrics and the soulless ones the scourge will wipe out the evolved and claim earth for itself.


Scourge knight: The knight gains its name because its weapons are 2 blades of psionic energy on both arms. Those blades have so much energy that they can cut through tank armor, like a butcher knife through warm butter. Though this causes them to be melee. Though they can charge themselves up and teleport short distances to get closer to targets faster. They are very tough and feel no suppression. They are not to be taken lightly. -1000 rus

Scourge Marine: Scourge marine have a strange potential origin. Story is that survivor command may have found the scourge HQ. So they sent 5000 troops to destroy the scourge HQ. Then the troops mysteriously disappeared and were never heard or seen from again. 4 days later scourge marines were seen on the battlefield. They shoot powerful explosive shots using a large plasma rifle. But what makes them unique is that, during the night they are visually invisible when standing still. -1250 rus


The grand altar of the scourge: the grand altar of the scourge is given as an option for true allies of the scourge so that either through sacrifices or resource donations they can summon scourge knights or scourge marines. -2000 rus

Scourge characters:

The high scourge: Appears to the evolved in the form of an entity. It is a powerful psychic entity. And it allows the powerful scourge energies to be focused through itself in the form of the terrifying scourge energy lightning. As long as it is pleased all scourge are pleased. Also it turns any beings, which defy it into tools of the scourge.

The Nuke Troopers

Campaign ally: Survivors

Description: The nuke troopers have named themselves because they have been exposed to nuclear radiation. They had to survive the hard earth since the other survivors left for mars without them. They have fought hard to survive. And this has made them one of the most tactical soldiers in the world. Seeing survivors return makes them want to ally with them. As long as they are willing to be better soldiers for the third surface war.


Sharpshooter: They have the longest distance shot in the game. Even longer than artillery. They shoot powerful 20 mm shots and this makes them capable of dispersing vehicles as well. Sharpshooters have one problem though. They have problems taking out moving targets. If their target is a large tank than they should shoot it out no problem. But a moving infantry, now that is a problem. But if their target is closer to them the more accurate the shots will be. They can also shoot at aircraft but with difficulty since aircraft move very quickly. Although the inaccuracy is remedied with veteranacy. -350 rus

Chaingunner: When the stealthy sharpshooters just aren't enough to cap out what needs to be killed then there are the chaingunners. Chaingunners as referred to by a survivor commander are like machine gunners but 10 times stronger, 10 times more powerful, and 10 times louder. They will also shoot at aircraft and they can shoot and outdistance low-tech turrets. Also if they are fighting close range then they can use a las-knife, which will slit an infantry's head right off and cut through metal like a chainsaw through small trees. -550 rus


Underground camp: the nuke troopers prefer to hide out underground to save surface space and to keep quite. They only have small entrances on the surface. But the underground camp is much bigger. That is where the chaingunners and sharpshooters are trained. -700 rus.


Dominic: Head of the nuke troopers. Also he has been around since the second surface war. And he holds a deep grudge against the evolved. After getting a nuclear bomb from the survivor government he allies the survivors to the nuke troopers in the campaign. He earned his rank as leader of the nuke troopers and master of the sharpshooters when he sniped 300 evolved in 4 hours once.

The hackers

Campaign ally: The series 9

Description: The hackers are an allegiance of series 9 which were created after the end of the second surface war. They work by trickery and control. The hackers prefer to be perfectionists and when they see enemies they only see docile opponents. Just anything that can be controlled is a good thing for them. Also they are willing to be bribed with high technology since they want to learn about it. The hackers prefer to have a massive palace that they can perform their functions with peace. It is believed that the hackers are intent to try to take over the CPU and henceforth the series 9 entirely.


Systems hacker: The systems hacker is a totally unarmed unit. But its capabilities are incredible if used correctly. It is used to infiltrate structures. And once it is inside the structure it can do multiple tasks inside.

Control chip: If it gets inside a structure it will convert the structure under ally control. The Systems hacker will leave the structure after that. Self Destruct: The hacker will put a bomb inside the structure. And then the structure will detonate and destroy anything around it including the systems hacker. Leech: If the structure produces rus like a power plant or a thermal converter the systems hacker can put in a little device called a leech. The leech sends half of the rus produced by the rus producer. Then the systems hacker will leave the structure. -400 rus

Machine controller: The machine controller is an advanced little piece of series 9 ingenuity. Since it shoots missiles that will take over a unit. The machine controller missile is really inaccurate unfortunately. The reason is it is difficult for the missile to be able to get in contact with the control system. Though it is more accurate when the target is closer. Also it gains veteranacy when it uses its weapon against opponents. And the veteranacy makes the Machine controller’s missile more accurate. A fully veteraned Machine controller can do a lot of damage. Even though the machine controller is heavily armored, if it is destroyed it will self destruct to make sure that high technology doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. -2000rus


Hall Of Knowledge: The hackers are really needy about knowledge. And all units are produced in the hall of knowledge, which is the ultimate training ground for the hackers. It is large and heavily armored. In order so that no knowledge gets out. -1500 rus.


Deever: Deever is actually a supercomputer of 5 powerful robots. They devise new ways of hacking. Deever wants any new technology it can get in hopes of creating better technology. Therefore it will go to no extent on getting that technology.

The Ryoks

Campaign Ally: Series 9

Description: The Ryoks are a mysterious organization of aliens who came to earth for unknown reasons. They see the series 9 as a tool for their purposes. They get the series 9 into a sense of ally ship when the series 9 are hopelessly defeated and then the Ryoks come and save the day for the series 9. One theory is that they have a personal grudge against the scourge.


Ryokan Android: The Ryokan android is a robotic-like soldier with a plasma gun. The plasma gun is very effective against vehicles and beasts. Though inaccuracy makes it miserable against the likes of infantry. Also it does not have a complex mind so it veterans slowly. Although it’s strong point is its shield. Whenever the android stands still, a shield will appear around the android. This shield is utterly indestructible. So if the androids are being sniped by sharpshooters just make them stand still and let the aircraft look around for the snipers. You will find the shields to have other advantages as well. –350 rus

Ryokan Android Elite: The Ryokan android elite is a much more powerful and smarter Ryokan android. Also by the looks of the Ryokan android elite, it is like a small mech. it’s weapon is a strange one though. It is called a singularity cannon. The weapon does damage by sending parts of it’s opponent into other parts of space-time. Also it has a shield similar to the Ryokan android. Although it is not indestructible since the Ryokan do not entrust such technology to the series 9. -1200 rus


Ryokan Portal: The portal is more like a large device rather than a structure. Basically the series 9 would put raw materials on one side of the portal. And then the Ryokan from their mother ship would prepare the requested item. The portal would open depending upon the size of the unit and the raw materials would go into the portal and the unit would come out. All the units are built at once. So raw materials are not paid gradually. –2000 rus


Ryokan Overlord: The Ryokan Overlord comes from a long line of leaders, which ruled the Ryoks. It is believed that it has a personal grudge against the likes of the scourge. It might try to strike false alliances with the evolved and the survivors for its own personal purposes.

The Kalashnikazi

Campaign Ally: The Survivors

Description: The Kalashnikazi are a brigade of soldiers who were sent on a space station ahead of vengeance 1. They were supposed to do some clearing up. But the space station had some technical fault. So it crashed into Antarctica and the survivors of the crash were supposed to survive. For most of the soldiers the extremes of Antarctica was too much. So a lot of them died. The ones that lived were made into hard-bitten soldiers. They also had a piece of experimental technology. It was the STA (Space-time-anomaly). So they adopted the name of an ancient earth inventor after they managed to have fashioned the STA into a combat usable device. After the survivor army found them in Antarctica the Kalashnikazi were ready for combat.


Laser Swordsmen: The Laser Swordsmen is a soldier with a large laser sword. They have the ability to cut through metal with the simplest ease. They have their adrenaline systems very oddly mutated. They can simply choose freely when they want to have adrenaline pumps through their veins. Adrenaline: this ability is very feared and respected among the survivor regulars. The Laser Swordsmen will move like a blur. Also when they will attack the sword will cut through their target a dozen times in the time period of a second. Although the adrenaline will hurt the swordsmen the longer the swordsmen uses it. –350 rus

STA Trooper: Using a modified laser the STA trooper cuts through metal and carapace much easier then the standard lasgun in the survivor army. But what really makes the STA trooper worth mentioning is its ability to teleport anywhere on the map. Though the longer the teleport distance the more energy it takes for the STA trooper. Also being the longer a teleport distance the more damaged the STA trooper will get. Something all commanders are worried about is the effect of a STA Trooper getting killed. Sometimes if killed the STA equipment will create a small singularity. The singularity will suck in anything that goes near it. Also with veteranacy it will get less damaged as it makes time-space jumps. –750 rus


Virtual Training Area: The Kalashnikazi uses a virtual training area to imitate the conditions on Antarctica. So therefore the troops get the best possible training. They also imitate hyperspace travel in the area. What goes on with the specifics of the area is anyone’s guess. -800 rus


Gabriel: He was elected the general of the brigade before it crashed into Antarctica. And he is more than happy to be loyal to the survivors again. Also he takes the liberty of not wanting to show off the specifics of the STA. He is a respected STA Trooper himself and he is willing to fight enemies of Humanity personally if needed.

The Marauders

Campaign Ally: The Evolved

Description: The Marauders are a large amount of evolved soldiers who drank from “the water of spirit”. The water of spirits trickles ever so constantly from a small lake under the Great Altar Of the Scourge. The water enhances significantly the brainpowers of the evolved that survive drinking it. Other evolved who drank it would have their consciousness destroyed and the bacteria inside the water of spirit would eventually cause the evolved to become brain dead. The ones who survive become powerful and dangerous soldiers. Their job in the evolved empire is to destroy any encampments, which are around large catches of oil. But the marauders have other plans as well…


Stealth Martyr: The stealth martyr is an interesting little toy for the evolved commander. During night it can move and stand still without being seen unless a unit comes really close to it. During day it is not as effective because it only stays invisible while standing perfectly still. So it is much more effective during nighttime. The stealth martyr uses its latent psychic abilities to move the light around itself. Therefore it can be visually invisible. Although the function is much easier to perform during nighttime where there is less light for the martyr to move. Also if you see a blur moving around, well it isn’t a smudge on your monitor. Just force fire at the blur and run. The explosion is also larger than a regular martyr. –400 rus

Shotgun Raiders: A shotgun raider is a soldier with a 4-barreled shotgun. And he uses his telekinetic powers to make the shells as accurate as possible. It is the opinion of the marauders to be able to kill as many units as quickly and efficiently as possible. It can also shoot from all 4 barrels at once and that is more effective toward vehicles. It also has an ability. Mindburst: A blue shield will rise around the shotgun raider. And all enemy infantry within the shields medium radius will fall to the ground and be immobile. Talk about a bad headache. The Ability requires 60 energy to start and 1 more energy for every second of use. -450 rus


The fountain of spirits: The fountain of spirits is a structure where the water of spirit is contained. They give the water of spirit to the willing evolved. Then if they survive they can be trained for the position of martyr or shot gunner. It is claimed by some evolved soldiers that when passing the fountain of spirits they hear loud screaming in their mind.


Ravok: He is elected leader of the marauders because he possesses the most powerful mind. He once lifted up an enemy juggernaught 100 meters high into the air with his mind and then he dropped it. It is believed that he wants to escape his body and become a scourge himself.


The Ryoks and The scourge:

7000 years ago a species of highly intelligent beings were developing ways of being only pure entities. The Ryok Empire began ordering all ryoks to have their entities be extracted from their bodies. Not all ryoks were very cooperative. About 1 billion ryoks already were nothing but pure entities. This division was known as the scourge! The scourge created legions of giant demons and they rampaged the ryok universe. The scourge exterminated about 26 billion ryoks in a period of a century! The Ryoks responded to the scourge with energy bombs and millions of androids! Such chaos was going around the entire universe for thousands of years until both factions were incredibly cut up. Although a scourge patrol found a blue green planet. Also the planet had a civilization of technologically advancing creatures. They thought that if the ryoks found out about them, well they could persuade them to fight against the scourge. So the scourge took over the nuclear computers of the world and sent nukes flying in all major cities on the planet. Then they noticed that there were still survivors. Some humans went underground and were protected from the nuclear fire. And others mutated on the surface of the world. The scourge figured that if the evolved were to be suspicious of the scourge as the chaos makers then the evolved would refuse to fight for them and their last hope of winning the ancient struggle against the ryoks would be lost. So they appeared to the evolved as gods. And they made promises through visions that if they did their bidding that they would have glories and powers beyond their wildest dreams. So when the scourge teleport from the meteor that they used to travel the universe and onto earth they will be able to extract the evolved soldiers into entities and they will have enough strength to overpower the ryoks and then nothing in the universe will be powerful enough to stop them! And the ryoks intend to prevent them from merging with earth. And the evolveds’ job will be to somehow make an altar of the scourge that is powerful enough to be a beacon for the scourge.