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Planet KKND 2
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The Survivors

Machine Gunner [100]

The common infantry with only a machine gun. Low health and strength. It is a better idea to upgrade the barracks once and build grenadiers.

Grenadier [125]

Slightly better health but a much better weapon. Believe me you will find this unit useful forever. It throws grenades which pack a deadly punch against vehicles! And you only pay 25$ more than you would for a Machine Gunner.

Flamer [200]

I think the name speaks for itself but if it doesn't then let me explain. Basically much more health and has a weapon which toasts structures. It works great against vehicles also but they get killed easily because they are melee. I don't reccomend sending these guys out in brute force though.

Rocketeer [200]

They are your missile troops if you are the survivors. Not that good against vehicles or infantry unless in huge groups. But if you make 5 or 6 then they will shoot down any problematic aircraft. Basically only great as your cheap anti-aircraft weapon.

Kamikaze [250]

Basically they run into their target and they explode! Crappy against infantry but great against beasts/vehicles/towers. It is stupid to try to use them on regular structures though.

Laser Rifleman [250]

Most powerful survivor infantry! With one shot of their rifle they will usually kill most types of infantry. In numers of 10 and more they will take down vehicles with ease too!

Technician [100]

These guys will go into structures and repair damage. They can also open tech bunkers as well so there is use #2. You should build several of these and put them near commonly attacked structures or towers.

Dirt Bike [200]

Great for early recon. But its guns do next to nothing damage andits structural integrity is flimsy. To buy a dirt bike for combatpurposes is a waste of 200 ru. But for low-tech recon it is great.

ATV [300]

Low-tech assault is the whole point of the atv. It is great at capping out the lights of infantry. And it has good armor for tech level 1. Although at tech levels of 3 and higher the atvs will be next to useless.

Hover Buggy [500]

Low-tech amphibious vehicles. They have a fairly powerful turreted gun. But it is weak against infantry and structures. Good only for low-tech water raids. But if you are at proper tech levels then you should just buy barrage crafts.

Anaconda Tank [800]

Now we are talking tanks. They have a fairly good structural integrity and they pack a punch. Unfortunately they lack good damage against infantry. So if you are tech level 2 maximum then you should buy atvs to take out the infantry.

Barrage Craft [1000]

This is heavy firepower! The barrage craft is an amphibious, highly-armored, missile shooting, turreted, floating tank. It will make quick work of practically anything in the game. Although it's weakness is that fast-moving units can "dodge" the barrage craft's relatively slow-moving missiles. But you will find these useful till the end of the game!

The Enforcer [1250]

It's purpose is to take out infantry with ease. It uses a powerful dual-laser turret to frag the infantry. But it stinks against vehicles and beasts. So use with other units. Never send enforcers in enforcers-only attack parties.

Juggernaught [1500]

Just the name makes it sound like an armageddon vehicle. It boasts a heavy chaingun and dual missile packs. And all of this is turreted to sweeten the deal. The problem is that it has very poor accuracy against small or moving units. So you should have groups of enforcers and juggernauts when you go into combat.

Airlifter [2000]

Having 2 engines to make the thing fly. It transports units to the target location via air. It can hold 10 infantry or 2 small vehicles or 1 medium vehicle with some left over space or 1 huge vehicle. Hey mix & match.

Orville Fighter [2000]

Nothing like aircraft boasting two heavy gauss guns to blast out anything. They will fire at ground targets. But they also have the ability to shoot at other aerial targets. Try to keep away from dog fights though. And watch out for those nasty anti-aircraft turrets.

Wilbur Bomber [2500]

Basically it drops explosives onto ground targets. It is a better idea to target turrets and structures rather than attack mobile targets. Because mobile targets will try to run away therefore reducing accuracy. Also watch out for aerial fighters because they will shoot down the wilbur bomber without giving the wilbur bomber a chance to fight back. Since wilbur bombers can't target aircraft.

Mobile Outpost [5000]

Expensive but it will give you all you need to start another base. It will extract into an outpost when you order it to. Expensive but worth it.

Mobile Drill Rig [1000]

These are vehicles which they will go over an oil puddle and then turn into Drill Rigs. Also these Drill Rigs will stop oil fires. The future is here.

Oil Tanker [1000]

They go back and forth from the drill rig and the power station collecting and extracting resources. You should have atleast 2 assigned to every Drill rig/Power station resource link.   Evolved Units

The Evolved

Berzerker [100]

They use a bow and arrow and do next-to-nothing damage. I highly recommend not buying berzerkers!

Rioter [125]

Throwing sticks of dynamite while being cheap as they are you will see this infantry to be very useful against even the most powerful vehicles. 10 rioters can even destroy a juggernaut quickly!

Pyromaniac [200]

They shoot flames from what appears to be their mouth. Very effective against structures and standing vehicles. Although they are not very good for raw brute force.

Homing Bazookoid [200]

Armed with a bazooka they will blow out aircraft out of the sky when they are in groups. Although to do any good damage against vehicles and infantry they need to be in hordes.

Martyr [250]

Martyrs run into targets and blow themselves up as long as they do damage. They have the ability to blow up most towers in groups of 2 or 3. And they will usually take down a vehicle with ease.

Spirit Archer [250]

Expensive but worth it. This must be what a berzerker would be like if it was upgraded. Shoots laser bolts out of it's bow. Very effective against infantry but in groups of ten or more it will wipe out vehicles too.

Mekanik [100]

This funny looking guy's job is too repair damaged structures, or to open tech bunkers. Always useful to keep one by a tower to keep the tower going incase of attack.

Dire Wolf [200]

Low-tech recon at it's best. It will go everywhere really quickly. Although it is extremely weak in health it has the most powerful weapon out of the scouting equivalents. Nothing like a shotgun to rip through some flimsy hulls.

Pit Scorpion [300]

Throws corrosive/explosive acid from it's tail. It is the most powerful out of it's equivalents. It will take out low-tech vehicles and infantry with ease. Unfortunately it is not turreted. But like it's equivalents it will become obsolete at tech level 3 and higher.

Crinoid [500]

Handy low-tech amphibious bug will go through a bit of combat before it dies. It boasts a light chaingun as a turreted weapon. Handy against low-tech vehicles and infantry. But it will become obsolete at tech level 3 and above.

War Mastodon [800]

A big elephant that shoots with a turret on top of it's body. The turret shoots massive damaging arrows at the target. Not to good against infantry but it is a great combatant against enemy heavy units. Boasts a decent amount of health too.

Death Hippo [1000]

A hippo with a big chaingun on it's back. It is unfotunately the weakest of it's equivalents. Buy Missile Crabs Instead. The only thing they are good for is that they are amphibious.

Missile Crab [1250]

Huge Crab with a giant double-missile pack on it's back. Shoots missiles which are deadly against infantry but pretty good against vehicles too. The missile crab is the best of it's equivalens!

Mega Beetle [1500]

Giant beetle which throws giant globs of acid onto it's targets. Has a good area of effect too. Not turreted unfortunately but it is still damaging. But it's accuracy is pathetic and it is the worst of it's equivalents. You should buy missile crabs with a few mega beetles mixed in.

Scourge Demon [5 sacrificed infantry]

Technically the warrior of the scourge. These are nasty little buggers. Individually they are weak but if you can get them into groups of ten or more. Well they will make such quick work of just about everything. But also the versatility of this unit is great! Because it can go through tunnels and self-heal like an infantry, But it has the strength of a beast!

Floater [2000]

It is an interesting aircraft which somehow flies by having a bubble sack lift it up. It is the transport aircraft for the evolved. Mix & match then send them in via air. Luxury!

Pteranodon [2000]

Basically I thought these creatures were extinct. They can shoot at ground targets with a chaingun turret. They can also shoot at other aircraft. And to top it off it is the only turreted aircraft in the game. It is the best of it's equivalents!

Wasp Bomber [2500]

Nothing like massive insects to drop deadly explosives on anything unlucky enough to be below. Mobile units will try to run away. But against structures and turrets it will tear them down in groups of 3 or more no problem!

Mobile Clan Hall [5000]

Interesting little vehicle with a skull on top. It will morph into a clan hall when you order it to. Smallest of it's equivalents.(thats a good thing)

Mobile Derrick [1000]

Basically it turns into a derrick when it goes over an oil puddle. It will also stop oil fires. Nothing special about this one.

Bull Ant Tanker [1000]

Interesting little specimen. All it does is go back and forth between the oil resource structures collecting oil and extracting it. Don't they have it easy compared to the fighters.   Series 9 Units

The Series 9

Seeder [250]

They don't do much damage even though they are pretty damn expensive. I think that you should always buy pod launchers instead of these useless seeders!

Pod Launcher [300]

Pod launchers are much better then rioters or grenadiers. They shoot large grenades from a grenade launcher installed on their back.

Weed Killer [450]

More powerful then flamers or pyromaniacs. They shoot acid instead of flames which make them better at disposing of vehicles and structures. They are very good if they are used strategically. But don't waste them!

Spore Missile [450]

These guys shoot missiles at air and ground units. But they are more powerful since they have 2 installed rocket launchers. Although it is not smart to use them individually against ground units.

Michealangelo [500]

I'm not sure how they came up for the name but I know they deliver a more powerful explosion when they sacrifice themselves. They are not worth the 500$ but hey series 9 infantry will be series 9 infantry.

Steriliser [600]

The most powerful series 9 infantry. They have a big cannon installed on their arm. With that cannon they are capable of fragging any human or evolved infantry with one shot!

Systech [100]

They can repair structures and they can open tech bunkers. So basically they are not too different from the other worker type infantry.

Patrolbot [200]

For a simple 200 ru you get a very fast but not that deadly recon unit. Has a weak machine gun that does very low damage. But hey what do you expect for 200 ru?

Responsebot [300]

Surprisingly a strong and turreted robot. It can cap off those damn infantry with ease. Boasts a double barreled gauss gun. It has fairly good damage against everything. Though after tech level 3 and above they will become obsolete.

Radiator [500]

I can summarize the radiator in 3 words. Useless amphibious robot. It sends a not-so-strong shockwave at anything around it. The only good thing about it is that it is low-tech amphibious. So you should just never even touch these.

Tankbot [800]

The best of it's equivalents. It shoots fireballs which will tear apart armor and kill infantry. It is the best of it's equivalents. It also has an area of effect. Just watch out for barrage crafts when using tankbots.

Doom Dome [1000]

Big amphibious robots with dual plasma cannon turrets. These units are so good. When they shoot it will do alot of damage to infantry and vehicles/beasts. The only thing that lags is that 1 out of 8 shots (or something like that) will miss. But otherwise it is a great unit.

Cautecruiser [1250]

It shoots electricity at it's targets. Will rip out 4 infantry with one shot only. Though they suck at vehicles and beasts. You will see that these have a problem fighting pit scorpions.

Grim Reaper [1500]

The best of the best. It has a double-heavy chaingun turret. It is bullets at it's best. Unlike it's equivalents it excels in accuracy. So be careful when fighting these.

Transport Dome [2000]

Cool-looking unit which with luxury too will send ground units of all sorts into target locations via air. It looks cool too. Just don't waste them.

AG-Responsebot Fighter [2000]

It is crappy compared to it's equivalents. It only shoots short bursts of bullet fire. But hey when you need fighters you need fighters.

Crop Duster Bomber [2500]

Haven't changed much before the series 9 were militant. So they basically drop bombs at ground targets. They also are the best of it's equivalents. They seem to have a better accuracy. So all ground units beware.

Mobile Barn [5000]

Basically it is a slow thing that when you order it to it will make a barn out of itself. All you need to start up a new series 9 base.

Mobile Oilbot [1000]

It will turn into an oilbot when it goes over an oil puddles. Funny thing is that is has legs therefore it goes faster than it's equivalents. Oil Express!

Oil Tankeroid [1000]

A slow vehicle which goes back and forth between the 2 oil structures. It collects and then extracts the oil. You should have 2 assigned atleast always to every 2 oil structures.

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